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xpbr2000 08-29-2016 12:36 PM

Eachine Falcon 250 Racing Quadcopter
For my birthday more than a month ago I thought about getting myself something that I wouldn't normally buy but wanted to get. I cruise Youtube frequently and found some Racing Drone videos i thought were pretty cool. Since then I thought it would be fun to fly one but never really could justify the investment.

Well, now i did.

I kept it in the $200 range (which is pretty low for a racing drone) there were a lot of toy and professional drones out there but this one is built just for racing. Also i didn't include all the accessories with the $200 lol. those don't really count.

I bought it from Banggood.com First time buying for there, shipping is pretty good from china 2 weeks, and customer service has been great so far.

So here is is a month later. I had a rough first few weeks with it due to some quality issues with a solder joint. (Typical China Quality) But they sent the replacement parts to me free of charge and I'm good to go.

250mm carbon Fiber frame
Flat motor guards
Custom Landing gear (3d printed)
Custom Antenna mounts
Battery Alarm internally mounted
Gemfan props


I've put this thing in the ground quite a few times. Its very robust

This quadcopter come when FPV video as well so I bought a set of FPV Goggles


And about a month after I bought them Banggood sent me a padded face bezel at no charge and without me asking lol



3d printed landing gear



And one is not complete without a nice bag to carry all the shit in lol


Needless to say I have plenty to do with my down time. this is a nice vacation from working on the car. when the weather starts cooling off i can probably work more on the car but until then, these things will keep me busy.

xpbr2000 08-30-2016 12:16 PM

and yesterday..... lol I broke a couple arms when the Fligth controller wigged out for some reason lol.

I had 2 spares for when I i did managed to break them. time to order some more spares... a lot more lol.


xpbr2000 08-30-2016 12:18 PM

This hobby is going to replace my paintball hobby that I currently don't do anything with. at least i can't play solo with this thing vs Paintball where solo is kinda boring lol

Some time soon i'll post a neat little video of my first few hours flying it.

wchiarizzio 11-16-2018 06:53 PM

Hey look, I found it lol

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wchiarizzio 11-16-2018 06:54 PM

Yea I like how robust these things are.

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xpbr2000 11-19-2018 10:30 AM

Yeah this ZMR250 frame needs the thick 4mm arms to prevent breaking during crashes. I bought a ton of 3mm arms and broke one nearly every crash or oops landing. since the 4mm arm upgrade the frame is the weak part not the arms.

The Chameleon is a solid frame and pretty thick too. they warrant all the components if you actually break something beyond usability. I'll have to take some time to post my new setup.

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