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bubba428 08-18-2008 06:54 PM

OK I've taken the time to get together some pictures and info on the 3400 top end. Before I started this project on my car. I spent nearly eight months researching the various cams, clutches, and other assorted goodies for the 3.4 RWD block. Shown nearly bare http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171533.jpg. The 3.4 RWD block was the biggest of the 60* V6s but was only 30hp stronger than the 2.8. thats because the iron heads from the Gen1 2.8 managed to make they're way to the 93-95 F-body 3.4. These heads are shown http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171482.jpg, and http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171496.jpg. The second issue was with the poor intake manifold design. the Runners in the lower intake were too short to account for any kind of intake acceleration. Runners shown http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171330.jpg. Now in my time researching ways to boost the out-put of the 3.4 with help from a member here I found a Very detailed thread on a top end project that was not done by anyone but one guy. This out lined the benefits of the newer aluminum 3400 heads that were not only a direct bolt on but increased the power greatly. The 3400 heads had much larger valves a much smaller combustion chamber and much larger intake/exhaust runners. the heads are shown http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171583.jpg, and http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171547.jpg. You'll notice in the second picture the heads come factory with beehive valve springs which allows for a greater rev-potential, and 1.6:1 rockers. Now to take care of the intake, the 3400 intake manifold has 9in runners that are of a much larger diameter allowing for far better flow and aims the fuel injectors directly at the heads. Shown , http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20117171422.jpgand http://img2.putfile.com/main/7/20116502743.jpg. Once all together gains of near 40hp were achieved putting the car at 170RWHP being 200hp at the flywheel. But that was with a stock tune and cam. I've come across a fairly large cam and am waiting on a computer system to get the absolute most out of this block. I'll have more info to post later. Thanks

Will 08-18-2008 08:38 PM

Re: 3.4/3400
Good read.

3.8blackmaro 08-19-2008 10:27 AM

Re: 3.4/3400
How much more of an improvement would the 3500 top end give compared to the 3400, just want to know if its worth the price of the 3500.

bubba428 08-19-2008 06:36 PM

Re: 3.4/3400
the 3500 would give you about 10 or so more at the crank. but it really depends on what you have done...with top ends your supporting mods are going to determine that.

Will 08-20-2008 01:38 AM

Re: 3.4/3400
I didnt think it was possible to switch the 3400 intake over to the 3.4. Pardon me if I'm being dumb but the 3400 is a FWD motor correct? and the 3.4 is RWD.

3.8blackmaro 08-20-2008 06:32 AM

Re: 3.4/3400

Originally Posted by Will
I didnt think it was possible to switch the 3400 intake over to the 3.4. Pardon me if I'm being dumb but the 3400 is a FWD motor correct? and the 3.4 is RWD.

You can do it with the 3100, 3400, and 3500. You'll need to swap the heads, uim, lim, and pistons unless you want a really high compression and headers if I'm correct. Then you have to find a way to control it.

To the OP, what are you gonna use to control all this when your done.

bubba428 08-20-2008 04:27 PM

Re: 3.4/3400
well i got a megasquirt unit...but the guy never shipped it. I've been working on a few different techniques to fool the computer, if you get a cam that is computer friendly its not such a big deal. I ,however, did not. I got a Crane 107/110/.218/.228/.454/.480 cam and 1.6 rockers. that changes the profile to 107/110/.220/.232/.484/.512. thus far i've decided to use a ARPR in conjunction with my 24lb injectors to handle fuel, I'm still working on the spark timing

Linkziz 08-22-2008 05:40 AM

Re: 3.4/3400
u need the hole donor car bud the 3400 pcm will get the job done even if u have an 4l60e just a lot of work to get it to run right with no SES

tkoforpresident 09-03-2008 09:05 AM


OneSloCamaro95 09-09-2008 10:56 PM

i am looking into doing the swap myself on my 95 3.4 camaro. and am curious bout all the parts neede to do the swap. besides the head and intake. stuff like sensors fuel rails injectors etc.

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