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xpbr2000 06-18-2010 02:50 PM

Edit: I've also made a condensed version of this thread into a Blog on my Website. Feel free to visit www.FrankForged.com and click on the link with my car on it. This way you dont have to read through all 2400+ posts, but only the ones that have to do with the car.

Here is a direct link to the blog http://www.frankforged.com/blog/96camaro/

--Original Post--
Well, its time.

To give you a history of my 96 camaro, I bought it back 2003 with 160,000 miles on it. It was all stock. coupe, 3800 v6, manual trans, no power windows or seats. Man It felt good to drive it home. I did some mods here and there.... nothing serious. Had transmission problems, cooling problems, A/C problems. It didn't bother me. I spent a lot of time having fun working on her keeping her problems at bay and she ran strong too.
After a few of years and 50,000 miles the motor finally had a enough of the cooling issues and blew a head gasket. (DAMN HEATER BYPASS ELBOW!...lol) At the time I didn't have the money or the time to fix it but I wasn't going to let her go. I moved around a bit and bought a house. I took her with me each time I moved. 4 years have passed now. She's in bad shape, visually. I recently had the misfortune of my truck breaking down and so I gambled and bought a used motor for both. Turns out, I fixed my truck and now have a motor sitting there to put in the Maro. Its been a few months now and the weather has warmed up. So I have decided to begin "Operation Revive-X"

So far I haven't done much but work on getting it to start. The gas has been in the tank for 4 years and needs to be emptied. My fuel pump isn't working. Damn squirrels I think have made a home under the hood and in the trunk. I have had my shop-vac out there cleaning up the mess and taking all my stereo equipment out getting it ready for operation.

Here is a list of things I plan to do:
(I'll update list as I think of them)

-New fuel pump (Finished)
-pull old motor (Finished)
-clean and inspect new motor (Finished)
-paint Valve covers and UIM...ETC(Finished)
-replace gaskets (Finished)
-Clean out engine bay (Finished)
-Nightshade Taillights and corner lenses (Finished)
-Drop in motor (Finished)
-Replace Transmission (Finished)
-install STB (Finished)
-Swap to 1 piece Drive Shaft (Finished)
-Clean up Interior (Finished)
-Fix dash (Finished)
-Change Interior Color (Black/Tan) Part 1 (Finished)
-Cam swap (GT2) (Finished)
-Headers (Finished)
-Tune (Finished)
-T-top Conversion (Finished)
-C10 Conversion (Finished)
-Body work (Finished)
-Paint (primer) (Finished)
-Paint Rims (Finished)
-Paint Side Mirrors, Berger Panel Black (Finished)
-Suspension upgrades (LCA,etc.) (Finished)
-Drive to G16 DONE!
-Hood (finished)
-32h/19s Sway bars (Finished)
-Lt Rear swap w/ discs (3.42 LSD)(Finished)
-1.5"drop Eibach prokit w/ KYB AGX (Finished)
-Ls Brake Swap (Finished)
-Borla XR1 Install
-Touch screen Keyless Ignition
-Ac fix
-Custom Road lamp conversion
-Drive to G17!
-Racing Seats
-Window Tint
-Custom Projector Setup
-C5 rims
-Autoloc conversion
-Interior sawp to charcoal

Future Mods
-Supercharged (in process)
-All LED (in process)
-Custom Intake over the radiator.
-SS spoiler (LT)
-T56 swap
-DF clutch upgrade

I'm sure this will be a year long or maybe two year long project (EDIT: Turns out more like 5 years.... scratch that going 6 now). But I hope to get her back to her prime or hopefully better. I'll be keeping the updates on this thread to help me stay on track. My goal is to get it back to the condition or better than when I bought her.

Here's a Pic of a year or so after I bought it. The best she has looked since I have own her. I'll post current pics this afternoon. They will be awful so be nice. :)



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Other Links
Wire Mod

------------------------------------------------------Current Mod List-------------------------------------------------------------

ENGINE: Dyno'd @ 213 RWHP
GT2 cam (.507/216*)
Pacesetter headers (Mid Length)
HP Tuners Tune
Borla xr1 muffler

Nightshaded Tails and corner markers
HID/LED Custom Projectors headlights
Interior swap to graphite
T-top Conversion
Black Berger Panel
Harwood 2.5" Cowl Hood
Paint: HoK-Stratto Blue Metallic
28% Tint

Tublular LCA & PH Bar
LCA Relos
32h/19s Sway bars
lowered 1.5in on Eibach Prokit
KYB Adjustable shocks
LS Brake Swap
Rear swap-LSD 3.42 Rear with disc brakes
Steering rack swap (quick turn ratio)
C5 Rims 17x8.5/18x9.5

True Touch Screen Keyless Ignition
XM Satellite radio
Pioneer P77DH headunit
Doors - 6.5" 150w 3-way Pioneer /RF R250-2 amp
Rear - 6.5" 100w Pioneer
Trunk - 6th speaker trunk panels with factory speakers
12" RF P2D4 / RF P400-1 amp
8" RF P2D2 / RF P400-1 amp

-------------------------------------------------------------Recent photos------------------------------------------------------------------






xpbr2000 06-18-2010 11:02 PM

Day 1
Well as promised I have current pics of the X-maro. I cut a hatch for the fuel pump but haven't made a lid for it yet. I used the Fuel Pump test Connector to prime the rail. She wanted to start but the Fuel pump is inoperable. Next steps are to build a lid for my hatch and get a new fuel pump. Then its time to pull the motor.

X-maro Day 1:




This is where the squirrels lived. :lol:


Edit: Also cut hatch here's the pics



Bonemaro 06-18-2010 11:38 PM

Wow! I'm gonna be watching this one.

Will 06-19-2010 01:24 AM

lol someone hated that car! Get it back to a shiny shiny life full of gas and rollin down the highway.

xpbr2000 06-19-2010 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by Will (Post 103351)
lol someone hated that car! Get it back to a shiny shiny life full of gas and rollin down the highway.

I didn't hate it. just neglected it. That's life though.

marvelrunner 06-19-2010 10:53 AM

Man good luck with everything, and definitely keep us updated with the progress.

freakv6 06-19-2010 08:52 PM

yea gl with it man, im sure you can have it back to life before you know it.

cbailey!!! 06-20-2010 01:42 PM

It makes me wonder as to how cars actually get this way?

xpbr2000 07-13-2010 12:11 AM

Day 22
Day 22
I designed and installed a removable hatch for my Fuel Pump. Looks pretty good. I did it twice. I didn't like the look of the first.


Day 25
I spent most of the afternoon editing this picture in photoshop. I think it worked out well. Let me know what you think.

Painted stock rims
T-top Conversion
Painted side mirror housings and sail panel
Night Shade markers and taillights


Need For Steve 07-13-2010 01:00 AM

mask off and polish the lip on those wheels. will look dead sexy

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