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Default 96 Honda Accord

Well I finally went and picked her up with a dolly right before Hurricane Matthew came through. Lots of trees to fall on the property it was on, and I didn't want to find out a tree had fallen on it before it ever left the property.

I paid $300. F22b with a 5 spd. Trans is good, body is good, interior is decent. All in all for a $300 car I'd say it's a 7 of 10. A steal.

It supposedly has a blown head gasket. Haven't had a chance to really do anything with it because of the storm. But when I got home from work last night, I put the jump box on it for shits and giggles. It started and I drove it. Albeit misfiring from the 2 inches of oil in the spark plug tubes. No coolant in oil, possible oil in coolant, but could be the head gasket sealer.

Exhaust is steamy, but doesn't smell of antifreeze, just smells rich like a normal startup.

I let it idle for 5 minutes before it finally stalled lol.

Obviously as any used $300 car, it needs some work. But still, only $300. If the block and head are warped, complete engine with 55k for only $300.

It's got 223xxx on the clock.

Can't wait to get started. This will be the daily so I can get some real work done to the Camaro.

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