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Default FBOTS Fall 2014 Entries

It's that time of year again.

FBOTS Fall 2014

To enter please post pics and a description of your car.

Entries thread is open for 2 weeks. The last day to enter is the 16th.

Please note the rules for FBOTS Here

Originally Posted by Will View Post
F-body of the Season!

  • Each member is eligible to win F-Body of the season (FBOTS) ONCE in a calendar year.
  • You may NOT enter your car if you won FBOTS in the last two seasons.
  • Anyone who wins FBOTS will be automatically selected for F-Body of the Year.
  • If You have more then one V6 F-body, you CANNOT enter them both in the same season.
  • If you have more then one V6 F-body and win FBOTS, you must wait at least 2 seasons before entering another one.
  • No V8 F-bodies allowed.
And as always the winner will recieve a Sticker.

Best of luck to all entries!

96 Camaro Cam'd anti-Coupe
Dyno'd @ 213 RWHP (NA)

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