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F-Body basic model comparsion


Camaro - Base v6- 3.4L V6 from 1993 to 1995 1/2 and 1995 1/2 to 2002 came with the 3.8L V6 (RS is an option available in certain years and had the Y87 performance package) the V6 came equipped with either the electronically controlled 4 speed automatic transmission known as the 4L60E or the T-5, better known as the 5-speed Manual Transmission.

Camaro Z28 - same body as v6, but upgraded suspension, and the v8 drivetrain. (V8 drivetrains were as follows 93-97 had the LT1 and some 97s had LT4s and 98-02 had the LS1. Later year Fbodies had LS6 intakes and better Exhaust manifolds. both could be had with T56 6speeds. 93s had M28 and M29 6speeds)

Camaro SS - Appearance upgades, suspension upgrades and v8 drivetrain *produced by SLP. (same as above for engine and tranny specs)


Firebird - base v6 (Y87 performance package and W68 sport appearance package was available for most years) *see information for V6 Camaro above*

Firebird Formula
- v6 body with v8 drivetrain (see Camaro Z28 above for more information)

Trans Am - V8 drivetrain, suspension upgrades, apperance changes (same as above)

- Apperance upgrades, suspension upgades and v8 drivetrain produced by SLP.

Base V6 horsepower numbers:

*these are flywheel numbers. not what is actually put to the ground on a dynometer*

3.4L V6- 160hp @ 4500rpm and 200tq @ 3500rpm

3.8L V6- 200hp @ 5200rpm and 225tq @ 4000rpm

Engine Specs:

General Information by model year:

Rear end Gear codes are as follows:

GU2=2.73- v8 only
GU4=3.08- open differential(means no lsd)

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