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Default 3.4/3400

OK I've taken the time to get together some pictures and info on the 3400 top end. Before I started this project on my car. I spent nearly eight months researching the various cams, clutches, and other assorted goodies for the 3.4 RWD block. Shown nearly bare . The 3.4 RWD block was the biggest of the 60* V6s but was only 30hp stronger than the 2.8. thats because the iron heads from the Gen1 2.8 managed to make they're way to the 93-95 F-body 3.4. These heads are shown , and . The second issue was with the poor intake manifold design. the Runners in the lower intake were too short to account for any kind of intake acceleration. Runners shown . Now in my time researching ways to boost the out-put of the 3.4 with help from a member here I found a Very detailed thread on a top end project that was not done by anyone but one guy. This out lined the benefits of the newer aluminum 3400 heads that were not only a direct bolt on but increased the power greatly. The 3400 heads had much larger valves a much smaller combustion chamber and much larger intake/exhaust runners. the heads are shown , and . You'll notice in the second picture the heads come factory with beehive valve springs which allows for a greater rev-potential, and 1.6:1 rockers. Now to take care of the intake, the 3400 intake manifold has 9in runners that are of a much larger diameter allowing for far better flow and aims the fuel injectors directly at the heads. Shown , and . Once all together gains of near 40hp were achieved putting the car at 170RWHP being 200hp at the flywheel. But that was with a stock tune and cam. I've come across a fairly large cam and am waiting on a computer system to get the absolute most out of this block. I'll have more info to post later. Thanks
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