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I put some new upper control arms in my car yesterday although I really didn't have the funds for them I'm quite happy with them. I was originally just going to just press in new bushings but that turned out to be a complete failure, so I went down to Spohn and picked up some new uppers. I'll eventually buy the lower ones, but no money for them at the moment.

Sadly that was how my car sat for almost a week while waiting on stuff.

Once I realized that the old upper arms were a no go I took the red Camaro down to Spohn to pick up some new ones.

It was pretty funny though after all week driving the red Camaro I went back to mine and thought it was down on power, how quick we get used to things. That car is so much quicker than mine, but I forgot just how much better handling of a car mine is versus the other ones in the family.

I'm throwing these two pics up for the only reason that I can think of, I like them:


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