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Never went out to Canaveral but the launch was amazing none the less from far inland. What a sight to behold especially when they landed the two rockets at the same exact time. SpaceX is making history once again. Only rocket more powerful was the Saturn 5 that last launched in 1976. And they launched the Falcon Heavy from the very same pad they used all those years ago for the Saturn 5 and all the Apollo missions.

Elon Musk now has a Tesla Roadster on its way to Mars.

In other news,
I've maxed my fuel injectors at around 19-21psi. Started going lean but it's richer than it should be so there's a buffer.

Since I do long pulls in the car I've got the boost down to 17-18psi so I don't blow it up. Sucks too cause it starts pulling a world of hurt past 15psi. If the engine will hold together at high boost; this is going to surpass my expectations.

I finally got the 90 4" coupler so I'm putting that on now. But here is a pic with the second screen I made for the intake.

I have a pull video, but I'm gonna wait to get a night pull video and post them both.

Bonus pic. Me and my buds SBC 54 pickup again.

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