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Originally Posted by Robindehood View Post
Well I'm not sure which pistons to go with, my 3.4l block only had 140,000kms on it, and all the pistons and cylinder walls are fine, but I'm not sure if I need to swap the pistons for a safe CR rate. How much did those pistons run you? I was planning on replacing all the gaskets on the entire engine anyways, it's just I'm not sure which head gasket to run, the 3.4L or the 3400 haha.

The engine is getting totally rebuilt. I'm replacing almost everything that looks original, grounds, freeze plugs, all those little things haha. Might even get a new instrument cluster that says 0kms on it :P
I'd have to go check how much I paid. It wasn't much I don't think.

As for the ODO. I'd leave it. That mileage has to do with the car also.

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