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Default 4 - TKOFORPRESIDENT'S 3x00 Build - Modifications List/Procedures/Pics

This thread will entail all of the modifications necessary for my hybrid build from large to small, with pictures and procedures being documented along the way.

*This list will be continually updated with new information as things progress.


- 3500 LIM coolant passage tapped for CTS

- Tab on top of TCC must be cut off to allow space for 3500 LIM

- Alternator shaved a bit to allow proper fitment of valve cover

- Accessory brackets modified to allow proper mounting to heads

- 3400 UIM Lettering shaved off to allow fitment under cowl

- Modify injector harness

- Pacesetter headers need to be modified to fit 3500 heads (bolts holes need to be slotted)

- Heater core hose modified and routed to the back of LIM

- Vacuum Hoses re-routed

93 3.4 Firebird
Pacesetter Headers, Flowmaster 80, Comp 1.6 RR, Custom Cam, Cloyes 2x Set, P&P Heads & Intakes, Ram Air Intake, Posi Rear w/3.42's and Disk Brakes, OBD-1 Swap.
Cam and Heads by Tune By

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