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Default Nankang NS1 Tires

i just installed a set of Nankang NS1 245/45 17's on the Bone.

I got the set for $280, so it was hard to pass up.

Wet Traction: Build a freakin' ark. We had a torrential downpour this morning, so much rain at one point I couldn't see the road. I must say, these tires responded a lot like my Falken Ziex. I hit some major standing water at 50 MPH speeds and they sliced right though. I also tried some launching and hard braking in the parking lot and they seem to grab pretty well.

Dry Traction: Again, I very impressed. These tires really dig in well for their price. The first time I launched hard on these, I was expecting some tire fire. Not the case. She hooked and booked. Interestingly enough, when slamming into second at red line, rather that breaking loose, my rear suspension actually bottomed out with a loud "thud" as the car continued to pull hard.

A Con: Only con so far... these tires are loud, rather loud at highway speeds. This doesn't bother me too much though, with my exhaust system.


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