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After a wash here is what she looks like. Needs a little TLC, but not bad.

One of the first things I did was put a new battery in it. With a blown head gasket and spark plug tubes with 2 inches of oil in them, it runs!

Found that the exhaust manifold was leaking and found this upon further investigation under the shield.

5 snapped studs. Luckily 4 were protruding from the block so some PB blaster and vise grips did the trick on them. ANTI SIEZE!

4 new studs and an exhaust gasket later, the last stud is snapped off in the head. It's getting an engine so I'm only really doing little stuff.

I also cleaned the oil out of the spark plug tubes and found that one plug won't come out. Rtv'd the seals.

Still doesn't misfire, only throws an O2 code, and still chirps 2nd and 3rd.

Not bad for $300

Much more to come.

The two together

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