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Well here is the next piece.

The one spark plug in cylinder 4 stops coming out after about 6 or so turns. This with the single new plug in the glovebox means once that was discovered; they tightened it back down and left that plug alone.


I'm getting another engine so I thought, what the hell let's get that plug out.

4 ft pipe ftw. You can see this plug has been in there for at least 2 plug changes.

It only pulled the top half of the threads out.

So what now? I had a set of new plugs, and found a use for that extra.

So I used the extra to make a thread cutting/cleaning plug. Put some anti seize on it to grab any shavings, ran it in, pulled it out, and a new plug went in and sealed without a problem.

PB Blaster, Freeze Off, and a few warming and cooling cycles helped.

You can see plug 3 looks a bit melted on the threads, so I can only imagine what I'll find when I get deep into this engine. I'm sacrificing it for the learning experience on the F22b engine. I've worked on one before, but now I can get as intimately familiar with it as I am my 660.

Stay tuned!

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