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Old 01-06-2013, 08:39 PM
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Default Wire tuck mod on 93-95 3.4l car

This mod is kinda do it your own way, maybe you can follow mine and get ideas from it.

Step1: Disconnect battery and unplug your ECM

Carefully unplug the little vacuum line.

And reach down and unplug the harness here.

Step2: remove the inner plastic wheel well. Mine had 3 8mm screws and 3 plastic clips holding it in.

Step3: Run the harness under the wheel well from the front.

you should be looking like this.

Step4: (optional) I used the ground post that was on top in the same place under.

There are threads sticking out from the top, but my plan is to grind them flush, Im repainting anyway.

Step5: After you have figured out where to put you grounds. Use a hole saw to cut a hole big enough for the plug to fit through and run the harness through.

Step6: once your hole is cut and the harness is through, take a piece of hose and slice it down the center to make a grommet.

if this dont work I ended up using wire loom.

Step7: Once you have the harness protected and through the hole then reconnect it and the vacuum line.
I ended up getting rid of the red junction box and cleaning up the look of the wiring. (optional)

I also took the big ground wire and placed it in a different spot where the junction box use to be.

Step8: tuck the wire up, I did mine this way.

Step9: once you have everything in place and you are satisfied reinstall your inner fender and your done, hope this helps. Now go mod something!

3.4L with some goodies
custom paint with a touch of 1978
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