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Old 10-24-2011, 08:31 AM
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Default How to remove/change the Seat Covers and Foam

Well, I'm not sure if this is a big issue for anyone else, but for it has been for us. Every F-body I have been in or driven has had either a driver's side seat that the foam is worn away or has a tear in the bolster. What we did was take passenger side seat covers and foam and put it the driver's side, problem solved. For giggles though, I'll show you how take apart all of the seats. For the back seats read post #2. The only seat I haven't really taken apart is a TA one, that might be a bit different. This will work on basically any 3rd or 4th gen F-body though. They are basically all the same anyway.

Here is a list of the tools needed to remove all of them:
- 3/8" ratchet
- 13mm socket
- 3" 3/8" extension
- phillips screwdriver
- small one
- big ass one
- Diagonal cutters
- T50 torx bit
- T30 torx bit

I'll start with the front seats.

Now if you only wish to change the top covers and foam you don't have to remove the seats, but I'm going to take it out to disassemble the whole thing. First start by taking off the seat belt guides, two phillips screws each. Next move the seat forward all the way and removed the nut caps and then the two 13mm nuts. After that move it back all the way and do the same with the front two. For power driver's side seats there you will have to have the seat all the way up before to remove it and there are plates that cover the nuts. They get removed with the screwdriver and then just remove the nuts. Now before you unhook the power put the seat back in the middle and make sure its up all the way, it's important for later on. Last step with them is to unhook the connector for it under the middle of the seat.

Now that you have the seat out you can start removing the covers. Now I used my passenger seat, but its the same as doing the driver's side basically.

Next tilt the seat forward and feel for the seam on the bottom of the seat.

It's basically just folded in on itself, but comes apart pretty easily in most cases.

Now that its taken care of feed the tilt lever through the cover. It might take some motivation especially on leather seats. Then you can begin to roll the cover off. It's held on the front with Velcro strips, so you will have to undo that as you go. Ohz, if you have a Firebird seat you would have to pop off the headrest first.

Now that you have the cover off you can remove the foam. Very very easy. Pull it forward and undo the clip on the bottom.

Well now you can start on the bottom cover. First you have to remove the top half of the seat. It's a T50 torx bit on one side and 2 13mm bolts on the other. Only remove the 2 bolts on the bottom of the seat.

That will leave you with the bottom half all by it's lonesome. Flip it over and remove the seat track. Again if its manual push it forward and remove the 2 13mm bolts and backwards to do the other 2 13mm bolts. If its power this is why I said put it back in the middle and all the way up. You should be able to get all 4 bolts out.

Now you can see in the last picture that there are 4 of the same style straps holding the bottom cover on. Remove them took some effort, but they do come off. There are 4 little notches each one is on and it got a bit annoying.

After that you should be able to just pop up the foam and you basically done. Not sure why the camera didn't save that one.

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Old 10-24-2011, 08:32 AM
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Now for the rear covers. Start by taking them out. The bottom cushions are just held in by a 13mm socket, but you will most likely need a 3" extension. It's on the front of the seat at the bottom. Those two should just pop right out after that. Now for the backrest. On each bottom corner there is a 13mm nut remove it and then tilt the seat flat. Next undo the seat belt bracket on the seat with the T30 torx bit. This will take some effort as they are sealed in there pretty good. I snapped my T30 once doing this. Once you get them off then remove the rear seat. Now that you have them out I'll start with the bottom ones.

This is either the easiest one or most annoying if you have a pair of dull cutters. On the underside are around 25 hog rings. You will be cutting all of them out. The first picture is a Firebird seat and has less hog rings.

Next just pop the cover off.

For the backrest you will need to need to take off the pretty much everything on the seat to remove the take off the cover. There is the bracket at the bottom where you took the nut off of the seat that is a T30. Then there is the lever to move the seat forward. You need yourself a big ass phillips screwdriver to remove it.

After that the cover is ready. You need to undo it like on the front seats and then pull the cover off. I won't be able to do this until next weekend as I'm headed back up to school atm.

The Famiry: 96 3.8 Camaro, 94 3400 swap Chicken 96 3.8 Firechicken, 87 5.0 IRoc, 95 Lt1 swap 3.4 Camaro, 95 Z28, 93 Trans Am RIP

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Now back to the good part.
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Great write up. Stickying this.

I was thinking of doing some custom re-upholstering, so this info is very nice to know.

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Old 10-24-2011, 09:23 AM
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yes, thank you for posting this ... beats figuring out myself and tearing something. lol

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Old 10-28-2011, 11:54 PM
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Great write up! Ive been wondering how the covers come off but have been to scared to mess with them, this will come in handy when I take apart the seats to make them heated
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