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3x00 Specifics Comprehensive Coverage of the 3x00 Hybrid Motor

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Old 11-03-2017, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by jlwisdom89 View Post
Do you have any pictures of the completed build or any dyno graphs? I am wanting to do pretty much this exact build but add a 60mm t3/4 turbo to the mix too...

anyone have any issues with running forced induction into the 3.4L motor? I have read horror stories about a 3.4 blowing up under boost, and I have read a success story of a turbo 3.4 running 9's in the 1/4 mile...I plan to build my car for the road course and the street. I am also looking at converting to a Mega Squirt Stand Alone Fuel Management System.

I am also looking at the Heidts Suspension IRS Conversion for 4th gen cars since i have factory open diff 10 bolt with drum brakes...

May want to take a look at my build thread. RWD all iron 3.4 running 20psi powered by Megasquirt. "Wills 3.4 turbo build" or something like that.

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