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Default Links to Helpful Sites & Parts Providers (Suggestions Welcome)

Nice Place to Find Parts

There's a seller on eBay who specializes in quality used Camaro / Firebird parts. His user ID is jwklotz. You can call him at 419-464-6100 as well. His name is Jon. I've personally bought from him and his quality / service is top notch.


Exploded Views and Tech Write-ups

Fuel Pump Replacement - Trap Door Method

Fuel Pump Replacement - Trap Door Measurements

Upper & Lower Intake Torque References

T-Top Conversion

Fix your AC/Heat Blower Noise or Restricted Air Flow

Generic How-Tos (not completely LSx-specific)

More Generic How Tos

How to Seafoam

Fixing Bent Fender Tabs

Camaro Grille Foglights

Camaro Grille Foglights #2

Polishing Exhaust

Replacing Power Window Motor

BCM Problem

Program Keyfob

4th gen history
Helpful Forums

60 Degree V6

Free ram air mod for 98+ F-Body

How to wire tuck

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